Hidrau Model 20" Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Stool Black Vinyl

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Hidrau Model, or HM, has been manufacturing many of the finest piano benches in Europe for years.  Now available in the U.S.A., these contemporary style benches are quickly becoming the most sought after for their purposeful and clean design, their sturdy construction, and their luxurious comfort.

With this design, height adjustments are quick and easy by controlling a lever. There are no knobs that stick out, no complex mechanism to service, no linkage that causes the bench to wobble or rock over time. This stool is 20" long. The height range is over 5" when most good artist benches have a range of 3". This stool is perfect for uprights or cramped spaces, and it's also great for European uprights like Seiler, Schimmel, and C. Bechstein that tend to have a higher key height.

- Metal Construction, no wobbly legs
- Silent Mechanism
- High density foam cushion for support, flat top
- Rounded edges for comfort
- Vinyl Upholstery, stonger than leather and easier to care for
- No knobs, quick lever operation
- No wobbling or rocking screw-type mechanism
- Height ranges from 17.75" to 23"
- Weighs a moderate 19 lbs


*All models have a minimum
operating weight of 70 lbs –
meaning the user must weigh at
least 70 lbs lower the bench fully.

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