Casio Celviano AP-750BK

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Casio Celviano AP-750 for sale. The newest flagship digital piano from Casio offers artistic nuance and industry-leading features at a highly competitive value. Visit us to get a demo or try this piano for yourself....

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With the Celviano AP-750, Casio thoughtfully applies its technical expertise to the timeless tradition of playing piano. The AP-750 can inspire any pianist just like a concert grand, with innovations and conveniences that are only possible through Casio’s advanced technology.

Pianists of any background or skill level will delight in the AP-750’s authentic piano sound, touch, and visual appeal. From the moment you connect with the keys and pedals, it’s clear that the AP-750 is one of the finest digital pianos available. It’s an empowering instrument that is ideal for learning, educating, performing, and most of all, simply experiencing the joy of playing a beautiful piano.


Three Legendary Grand Pianos

The AP-750’s brand-new 9-foot Hamburg concert grand piano Tone delivers a sought-after pinnacle of musical expression. Captured using dozens of exceptional microphones and meticulously matched to the AP-750’s keys and speaker system, this stunning piano tone is incredibly rich, detailed, and versatile.

In addition to the Hamburg grand, the AP-750 also features a Berlin grand, developed in collaboration with world-renowned piano maker C. Bechstein and noted for its clear, resonant tone. A Vienna grand completes the AP-750’s trio of legendary pianos, standing out with its distinctively impressive low range.

With three unique piano personalities in a single instrument, the AP-750 is well-suited to playing any genre of classical music (or indeed any genre at all). Ten insightfully-crafted variations of these pianos are also included as “Classical Piano Repertoire” Tones, perfectly matched to specific classical styles, from nocturne to etude, sonata to polonaise, and beyond.


AiR Grand

Thanks to the AP-750’s AiR Grand Sound Source, various types of resonance including damper, string, open string, and aliquot are authentically reproduced. While playing, these elements add the essential yet often-overlooked characteristics of a full-size grand, along with subtle mechanical sounds that complete the sonic atmosphere of the world’s most coveted and majestic pianos.

The AP-750’s 39 onboard Tones also cover essential instruments like electric pianos, organs, strings and more, inviting a lifetime of musical exploration.


A Touch of Greatness

The Celviano Edition Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys deliver a gratifying touch-to-sound connection, drawing you ever deeper into the immersive feel of playing a concert grand. These award-winning keys have been refined to harmonize not only with the instrument’s sound source, but also with its unique cabinetry and acoustic structure.

Made from a combination of Spruce and resin, they provide the dynamic and natural response you’d expect from a well-regulated grand piano, including replicating the individual hammer behavior of each of the 88 individual keys.

Using fine-grained Spruce as opposed to coarser-grained wood adds resilience, density, balance, and a familiar and stately aesthetic. Advanced damping materials make the keys whisper-quiet, and the playable surfaces are subtly textured to provide extra comfort and confidence.


Controls On Demand

Select Tones and adjust various settings with the illuminated touch sensor controls on the left-hand and front panels. While playing, these controls vanish in order to provide a natural, distraction-free piano experience. Simply touch the panel to activate them again.


Music to Your Ears

Raise the top lid, get comfortable on the included adjustable bench, and transcend the ordinary as the AP-750’s eight-speaker Grandphonic amplification system envelops you with deep bass, shimmering treble, and clarity throughout the entire audio spectrum.

The Grandphonic sound is immersive, nuanced, and rewarding at any listening volume. Four discrete amplifiers drive eight resin-core speakers placed throughout the acoustic structure of the AP-750, with reflective internal sound paths recreating the natural sound field of an acoustic grand.

Connect headphones to keep it all to yourself, with an automatic Headphone Mode accentuating bass levels at lower volume levels. Left and right line outputs are built-in, allowing connection to any PA system or recording destination.

The AP-750’s advanced Hall Simulation places your dream piano in your choice of eight dream venues, including an NYC club, a Berlin concert hall, a British stadium, and more. Add the Surround effect to place yourself right at center stage, enjoying your chosen piano and ambience from all sides.


Set the Scene

If you connect with the Berlin Grand matched with the British Stadium Hall Simulator, or enjoy the depth of the Vienna Grand in an NYC club, you can immortalize the moment with Scenes. Scenes allow you to personalize and preserve your favorite AP-750 configurations for instant recall whenever you want. Once you find the perfect combination of settings, simply save the Scene and can recall it at any time.

There are ten spaces for your own personalized Scenes, plus ten additional preset Scenes that provide instantly-useful setups for lessons, genre-specific performances, atmospheric exploration, and more. Additional and unlimited Scenes can be stored on and loaded from a USB flash drive.


See the Light

Above the keys is the Visual Information Bar, a unique and innovative visualizer that reacts to and empowers your playing. As a metronome, it facilitates practice by displaying a pulsing beat in your choice of patterns. By displaying playing strength and pedal depth, it also helps teachers to better help their students to refine their technique. It can even react to incoming Bluetooth audio, providing beautiful and customizable visualization to match any mood. The Visual Information Bar can also be disabled, keeping the front panel distraction-free as you play.


Instant RePlayer

With a piano this inspiring, you’ll find musical ideas flowing faster than ever, leading to those inevitable “I wish I’d recorded that” moments. The AP-750’s new Instant RePlayer allows you to go back in time and reclaim your best performance. At the touch of a button, you can immediately hear the last few minutes of your performance, even if you forgot to begin recording. As you review your playing, the Visual Information Bar serves as a timeline, allowing you to pinpoint the musical memory you want to revisit.


Expression at Every Step

The Grand Pedal System features generously-sized pedals based on the design and operation of grand piano pedals. It adds freedom of expression with continuously variable damper and soft pedals, allowing you to select how much of each effect you’d like at any given time.


Elevated Elegance

The AP-750 is a graceful and luxurious addition to any space. With its handsome cabinetry, gentle curves, and thoughtful details such its reflective front panel, adjustable music rest and gold-trimmed key cover, the AP-750 lends traditional piano elegance in a fraction of the space of a full-size grand.


Untethered Exploration

The included WU-BT10 Bluetooth Audio and MIDI Adapter opens up a whole world of wireless communication with your favorite apps. Use the Casio Music Space app to adjust your piano’s settings, view and annotate sheet music, work with audio files, and much more. With Bluetooth audio, the AP-750 becomes a powerful, rich, and clear speaker system that easily fills any room, and begs you to play along.


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